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Land and mining rights

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The major cities in Cambodia are rapidly urbanizing, which is the era of land wealth. The land of excellent location has the fastest value preservation and value-added properties, and is a high-quality configurable asset for high-net-worth individuals. In the past few years, high-quality areas have grown several times, tens of times, or even hundreds of times.

Land investment requires more funds and is suitable for medium- and long-term investment. It is generally not recommended to move in and out quickly. And the identity of the host country is required to legally hold the land, and it can also be legally held through a local trust or a locally registered company.

Cambodia is different from the other three neighboring countries in that "Cambodian citizens can own land ownership." According to the 2010 ownership laws and regulations, foreigners based in Cambodia can also enjoy certain property rights. This law will facilitate foreigners interested in investing in real estate in Cambodia.

However, the so-called specific property rights are limited to buildings or buildings that have acquired ownership. Moreover, it is only applicable to newly built apartment buildings.

According to regulations, foreigners cannot legally obtain "ground floor properties" (only houses above the second floor can be purchased). Moreover, the purchase limit is up to 70% of the property.

Nevertheless, the longest period for foreigners to lease land can be up to 50 years, and it can be renewed for 50 years.

About land property rights

    In other words, the new buyer may be confused about the classification of land ownership in Cambodia, so I will give you a good analysis below!

  • From 1975 to 1979, all records of land ownership in Cambodia were destroyed. This means that after the war, ownership certificates hardly existed.
  • In 1989, Cambodia passed the Land Law, and in 2001 a revised version of the Land Law was issued, allowing citizens to own private land.
  • In 2001, the Land Law created a land registration system that is still applicable to date. Since then, more than 2 million Cambodian land title certificates have been issued to the people.
  • At present, there are three forms of ownership of land property rights in Cambodia: hard property rights, soft property rights and split property rights (that is, the owner has no ownership of the land, but only purchases limited space on the land). In addition, there is a highly secure LMAP property right.

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